Where is the clinic located?

Healing Acupuncture Co. has three clinic locations:

South Denver clinic: 1777 S. Harrison Street-1200 (12th floor), Denver, CO 80210

North Denver clinic: 55335 W 48th Ave, Denver, CO 80212

Parker clinic: 19590 Mainstreet-Suite 202 (2nd floor), Parker, CO 80138.

Why choose Healing Acupuncture?

At Healing Acupuncture Co., we believe each patient is unique and will receive a treatment plan that is tailored to them. You and I will work together to address the possible sources of your symptoms and create a plan of action, which will include lifestyle and nutrition recommendations. Additionally, each one hour service includes a relaxing back and neck tuina massage and cupping in addition to acupuncture treatment.

What are your treatment specialties?

I specialize in treating migraine, weight loss, emotional imbalances, skin concerns and body pain. Balancing the mind will balance the body and vice versa.

Why choose facial cosmetic acupuncture over alternative facial services?

Facial cosmetic acupuncture is a gentle, non-invasive way to address cosmetic concerns and improves complexion, firmness and luster of skin. Acupuncture is unique because it penetrates the layers of skin, fat, bone and muscle layers of the face. Cosmetic acupuncture is unlike temporary fillers (which can block arteries and induce fibrosis), permanent fillers (which can become infected), botox (a neurotoxin which temporarily paralyzes facial muscles) or skin care products (which work mostly on the superficial layer of skin and wash away at the end of each day). Cosmetic acupuncture works by utilizing the body’s immune system to produce collagen, elastin, natural pain killers and increase blood flow. Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture initiates local fibroblast hypertrophy, stimulates the regeneration of elastin and collagen fibers and improves the texture of skin.

How does facial cosmetic acupuncture work?

Cosmetic acupuncture targets specific facial points to help balance muscle tone to even out tissue density. Acupuncture increases blood flow, removes stagnations/adhesions and induces oxygen-rich and nutrient- rich blood to flow to the area of insertion. Acupuncture stimulates fibroblasts to to produce elastin and collagen, increases tissue density and fills in lines and wrinkles.

During your cosmetic treatment, Stephanie, your licensed acupuncturist, will place a number of small filiform needles on the face as well as on the body. By including body points, we will also treat any constitutional imbalance that has given rise to skin imperfections.

Where are needles placed in a cosmetic acupuncture treatment?

Single use filiform acupuncture needles are applied to the head, face, neck, legs and hands. These points are clinically proven to be beneficial to lifting, brightening and toning.

How soon will I see results?

Some patients see significant results in their complexion the day after treatment. It takes up to three months for the body to reproduce collagen to significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Results of treatment may include reduced appearance of scars and wrinkles, reduced acne, smoother textured skin, a more even complexion and firmed facial muscles. Progress varies according to lifestyle, dietary and maintenance choices. Success of cosmetic acupuncture treatment is cumulative. We generally recommend that patients receive twice a week treatment for four weeks and switch to once a week treatment for another four weeks in order to address acute concerns.

Does acupuncture hurt?

At times, patients may feel a small electric, tingling or pinching sensation upon needle insertion which dissipates soon after. Feel free to communicate how your body is responding to treatment.

Is acupuncture safe?

Yes, acupuncture is a safe method of treatment for most people. There are screening processes in place to ensure that patients are the right candidate for acupuncture treatment. You can rest assured that Healing Acupuncture Co. follows strict sanitization guidelines of tools, practices frequent hand washing, takes Universal Precautions and utilizes Clean Needle Technique whenever treatment is carried out. Each DBC and Seirin needle is prepackaged and sterilized with the highest standards of manufacturing. Each needle is used once and then disposed of in the proper sharps container.

Why is my skin loosing its vitality?

As we age, our skin loses elements that once made it look youthful- fat, elastin, collagen, moisture and bone. Skin cells divide more slowly, causing the dermis to thin and decrease collagen production. Fat layers below the skin also begin to gradually decline. Glands that help to regulate moisture and blood flow begin to lose function, causing thinner, less elastic and drier skin. There is also a significant loss of bone and structural support that occurs with aging, which causes visible changes in the layers of overlying soft tissue and skin.

What can I do to address signs of aging?

Nutrition is a major component of balanced health. You can ward off signs of aging by ensuring you receive the recommended daily intake of vitamins A, D, E and C. You can ensure you get 4-6 ounces of protein with each meal. You can also ensure you incorporate antioxidants and digestive enzymes. Antioxidants will help to fight free radical damage to the skin and digestive enzymes will help to ensure proper digestion and blood production. Also, make sure you hydrate properly throughout the day which will provide your skin with proper moisture. Check out my Free Skincare Guide for more tips for warding off signs of aging.

Can acupuncture treat my issues?

Acupuncture can treat a number of symptoms and is a gentle, non-invasive way to address your health concerns. Acupuncture is not a substitute for qualified medical care but is a compliment to it.

Do you accept health insurance?

No. Not yet. We are currently in the process of enrolling in a selected few health insurance networks. We are, however, able to provide clients with a super bill to submit to their health insurance for reimbursement. We also accept HSA and FSA cards as long as acupuncture is an approved service within your network.

Do you accept HSA/FSA cards?

We now accept HSA and FSA cards. Please verify with your health insurance whether acupuncture is an approved service.


Stephanie is always available for collaborations and wellness education. If you want to chat about acupuncture, fitness, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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